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Are you looking for a more eco-friendly way of life? Many people are consciously living their lives in a greener way. Recycling, reducing unnecessary travel, energy efficiency in their homes and using public transport are all ways that we can help reduce the impact of our activities on the environment.
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Grants & Funds: Eco-School Grants and Funds, Eco-Community Groups, New Build Grants...
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In the Home: Eco-Friendly Gas, Eco-Friendly Electricity, Kitchen Appliances, Don't...
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Outside The Home: Buy Recycled, Buy Fairtrade, Ensuring Your Product is Eco Friendly,...
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Latest Comments
  • RBK
    Re: Why Climate Change is Needed
    Needs funding for developing eco friendly, self sustained factory made affordable & low cost buildings, roads and transportation…
    17 February 2018
  • Campsiteowner1
    Re: Grants Available For Your Business
    Hi there, I run a campsite in snowdonia and Iā€™m looking to make my business greener. We already provide recycling. I was…
    9 February 2018
  • Cat
    Re: Grants Available For Your Business
    Looking for grants to make a small rural Scottish hotel greener. Need double glazing and to replace oil boiler with wood…
    3 February 2018
  • ricky
    Re: Grants Available For Your Business
    Are there any grants available for loft insulation to village halls in Scotland?
    2 February 2018
  • ricky
    Re: Grants Available For Your Business
    I am helping with a remote community centre in scotland with no loft insulation are there any grants out there to cover…
    2 February 2018
  • Edie
    Re: Grants Available For Your Business
    @sgreen - I'd ask your landlord. There are few places that don't have central heating these days, especially shops!
    22 January 2018
  • RonN
    Re: Loft Insulation
    @Una - your bungalow should be insulated by the builder to legislated requirements.
    22 January 2018
  • Una
    Re: Loft Insulation
    Please can you tell me can we a government grant to insulate the loft space of our new build bungalow Kind regards Una Bennett
    21 January 2018
  • sgreen
    Re: Grants Available For Your Business
    Hi we rent a shop in croydon, it currently has no central heating and seems to be colder inside than it is out! We are…
    20 January 2018
  • Pannapella
    Re: Grants Available For Your Business
    I want to open a zero waste shop in my local town in Wales and was wondering whether there are any start up grants for…
    20 January 2018
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